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 Ernest Hermingway's "extra fingers" cats

This curiosity was sent through e.mail by Leandro, a student of ELS Center -  St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA - USA. 
 Leandro tells:
                                "One of our works in ELS was to attend a  2 hours documentary about cats, a very interesting one. 
                                 One the things that got my attention was: In 1920's, a sailor gave Ernest Hermingway, that was a notorious cats fan, a cat with a  very peculiar characteristic: he had an extra " finger "  in each paw. 
                                 Nowadays, the old Hermingway's house is a museum in his memory and it's also the dwelling of about 30 or 32 cats that live there under the auspices of the museum. And about  half of them  have an extra finger in each paw, indicating for that genetic detail, they are Hermingway's original cat descendants." 
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