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(Suzicat)    " Ladybird, what took you so long to arrive home?" 
(Ladybird)      " I'm late because there was a "cat" following me in the streets.."
(Suzicat)     -   " Oh! You should come home without looking at  him ! " 
(Ladybird)   - "Ah! But... he was walking so slowly..." 
Blue end

     Standing in the traffic lights, the madam was very elegant  with a leopard's skin stole. 
      Another madam stopped with her car bedside her, and scolded with her kitten that wouldd'nt down not even.. She looks at her kitten beside her and says:

-"You are luck .Look at what happened to the other one!"
What a track!

 - "My cat finds me anywhere I hide myself. What do you tkink of it?" 
- "I think you should take more baths." 

A good medicine
                 The executive man looks at the analyst and says: 
                  "- Help me,doctor. I don't get to sleep at night; any little noise  wakes me up. Even the cat walking on the wall wakes me up! I can't stand this situation anymore. Please give me a medicine." 
                 The doctor listens in silence and soon after that he scrawls some thing in the paper and gives it  the patient. 
                  -"Buy this medicine and it will solve your problems definitively! 
                  - "When do I begin to take it"? 
                   -"Never! It's to give the cat!" 
         - "Tommy, you must not pull the cat's tail!" 
         - "I'm not pulling it, mum. I'm just holding it. The cat  is pulling."
No patience???
         -"You have been watching me for two hours! You could try fishing yourself!" 
         -" I don't think.  I would have the patience."
           -"Your dog barked and your cat mewed all night. It's very tiring, you know." 
           -" There's no problem. They will sleep all day." 
Peter and Bill are two brothers of seven and five years old. One day, they went to the their grandfather's farm and saw a mouse. Bill wanted to know: 
-"Do the little mouses live a long life? " 
-"It depends on cats!" 
What part of the fish weigths most?
- the scales! 
  Be early if you are the bird, but if you are the worm, you'd better wait a minute. 

(Does not the early bird catche the worm?) 

 Protect the birds:  the dove brings peace and the stork brings tax exemption. 
If you work hard, like a horse, on a farm you can make a fortune, especially if you discover oil. 
A farmer's work is far from pleasant indeed: you go to sleep with the hens, get up with the cocks, work like a horse, eat chicken feed and everybody treats you like a dog. 
Of course!
    The teacher talks to the boy: 
-" Your work about the cat is exactly like your brother's!" 
-"It's because the cat is the same, madam!"
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