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What's an animal world!! (2)
In "Daily Comedies " - retrospective of the year - The news "O Estado de São Paulo", 29/12/1996
 The Donkey's statement
 Vadico, a 9 years old Donkey, attended  a São Paulo police station  " to render a statement " and to be submitted to a "confront ", in order to try to identify the possible robbery authors of a gold tooth from its mouth. Vadico had been arrested in 1994 under the accusation of having made "mouth-of-urn" and by disrespecting an authority " for having neighed when he was handcuffed  by a policeman.
The honored mule
The mule Rosita, 24 years old, was honored by the services rendered during more than 20 years in the Regiment of Infantry of Mountain 22, of the Argentinean county of San Juan. Lieutenant-colonel Raul Corletti also gave Rosita a deserved retirement.
Woman lived with a thousand mices
The French police announced that they have discovered a senior woman, whose name was not revealed, that lived with about a thousand mice in the Toulouse city. According to the policemen, the mice were strong and they frightened the cats that approached the house. The woman fed the rodents with about 15 kilos of cereals a day. 
 Gorilla saves a boy 
The gorilla Binti Jua saved a 3 year-old boy that dropped from a height of 5 meters into a cage at Brookfield Zoo, in Chicago, USA. As soon as the boy dropped, she held him daintily in its arms, until he was helped. 
Fish lives
The fisherman Natan Coelho of Nascimento, 18 years old, died from asphyxia in Belém (Brazil), after having gobbled an alive fish, of the size of a sardine. He fished it in Rio Maguari, when the fish jumped in his mouth, during a yawn. 
World turn
The Scottish family David - parents and two children - returns to  California. They spent five years travelling around  the world in a cart pulled by horses. 
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