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What an animal world!!
Source: "Daily Comedies " - retrospective of the year - The news "O Estado de São Paulo", 29/12/1996
 The female dog phone operator 
                   Lyric, an Irish Setter female dog (8 years old) saved its owner's life using the telephone to call the doctors in Nashua, New Hampishire. When Lyric heard an alarm, indicating that Judy's oxygen mask had stopped working while she slept, the animal ran to the telephone and "dialed" the number 911, for emergency calls. Lyric was trained in an agency specialized in dogs.
 Man bites dog 
              The thief Ricardo Gulberson was trying run away after robbing a hotel and a cab, but he ended upe by being cornered by the police on a street of Miami Beach, in the USA. When he was being attacked by the  police dog Myrus, he gave a bite on the animal's neck. Gulberson was only settled down with the use of a paralyzing spray.
 The donkey's "statement"
      Vadico, a 9 year-old donkey, attended  a São Paulo police station  " to render statement " and to be submitted to a "confront", in order to try to identify the possible robbery authors of a gold tooth from its mouth. 
Alive Fish 
The fisherman Natan Coelho of Nascimento, 18 years old, died from asphyxia in Belém (Brazil), after  gobbling an alive fish, a sardine size. He fished it in Maguari River, when the fish jumped into his mouth, during a yawn. 
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