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What is Catland?
Catland is a magic world
with virtual and real characters.
Here you  will be able to interact with them.
 In Catland live a lot of animals: cats, dogs, birds, etc. Click here to konw them.
     The Catland leaders are Suzicat, Ladybird, J.J. (Jummy Jaguar) and T.C.Boy.
J.J. and Ladybird can become mega heroes with their magic amulets.
Catland have an enemy neighboring country - Bad City.
                     Bad City is alongside Catland. There live  some dangerous enemies of Catland's inhabitants. There are mainly ferocious dogs, evil wolves and other characters - some a little bad, a little  mad... but J.J. , Ladybird and T.C.Boy are ready to combat them!
Do you konw the real Catland?  Click here.

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