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AGE of cats: equivalence with human beings

 Ernest Hermingway's "extra fingers" cats

Is it true that the Siamese cat is cross-eyed?  
 British Rail cats " employees "                  Why aren't there three colors male cats?  
 AGE of cats: equivalence with human beings 
 Cats live about 15 years. The faith that  cats can have seven lives is part of much of the myths and superstitions about them,  perhaps  because cats get to support many kinds of difficulties in their lives.
   That table shows the equivalence of age with human beings: 
Human being
  year old 
2   years old 
  years old 
4   years old 
8   years old 
12  years old 
15  years old 
20  years old
16  years old 
24  years old 
28  years old 
32  years old 
48  years old 
64  years old 
76  years old 
96  years old
Is it true that the Siamese cat is cross-eyed?
                     Cats have binocular vision, it means that the images of each eye superpose themselves, making it easy to calculate distances. That is very important for the act of hunting. The Siamese cat, however, has a defective gene, affecting the connection of the eye with the brain -  the optic nerve. Then, the binocular vision is reduced, causing a certain double vision. Siamese cats try to correct that double vision, "crossing" their eyes.

 British Rail cats " employees "
                        During almost one century, the England railwaymen had very interesting working colleagues. . . The railway transports company British Rail “ used” about 200 cats, entrusted of hunting mice. The railwaymen were very attached to them and some “hunters"  became famous, as the cat Tiddles: for occasion of its death, in 1981, several newspapers consecrated it a necrology!
 Source:  Modern Course  Larousse - English, Altaya, 1998.  

  Why aren't there three colors male cats?
            There is a faith that when you see a  three color cat, it is certainly a female. 
            The scientific explanation is in genetics - in the hereditary genes that are the responsible for inherited characteristics. Mottled cats, very colored, belong to a  type called  "turtle scale" that  presents the color orange and other colors: generally yellow, white, black and grey. The orange color gene is dominant and it comes from the female chromosome.
A male cat cannot, therefore, inherit that characteristic. If a male cat seems to have three colors, he is not probably one of the "turtle scale" type, but it's just striped or white with stripes. These cats usually have colors with stronger or weaker nuances (the cat that inspires the character J. J. Jummy, in real Catland, is one of that type).
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