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                                        A luminous trace of colors tears Catland's skies, after an afternoon rain. The parrot Lero-Lero appears running, or. . . flying. . . from one side to another, quickly and chattering:
                                           "Look at the rainbow!"
                                            Billy He-Nanny, Lilykitten and Capuchita arrive to see it.
                                            "It is the sun spectrum!" - says Capuchita, who is very intelligent.
                                            "Sun spectrum?! What  are those new words, Capuchita?" - everybody screams at the same time. -  "Here "the clever" comes wanting to know more than us!"
                                            "Don't you believe? Shame on you! You will continue ignorant, without knowing the scientific truth!" - Capuchita says, crossing her arms, with air of superiority.
                                        Billy He-Nanny, that watches the scene, makes a proposal:
                                         "Shall will call Suzicat to clarify if it is rainbow or solar spectrum!"
                                       "Ok, all right, let's go! - everybody agrees.
                                        The group seeks Suzicat and finally find her. Billy He-Nanny shows the phenomenon, pointing to the sky, and explains:
                                        "Suzicat, Lero Lero affirms; -" that is the rainbow" and Capuchita says:  "that is the solar spectrum". Who is right?"
                                        "Both are!" - Suzicat says.
                                        "Both?? What do you mean?" - the group opens the eyes, curious.
                                        "Well, rainbow is the correct name used by the people. But when the phenomenon causes are studied, under the scientific point of view, it is called "sun spectrum."
                                         "Ah, good. . ." everybody is looking at Suzicat, with curiosity, with that expression of  I want to know more.

                                         Suzicat begins to tell, then:
                                         "The ancient people and, until today, populations of some parts of the planet think that the appearance of the rainbow is a sign of the gods. People always observed that the phenomenon happens after the rain. It happens that the white light of the sun is a " mixture of all colors ". After  rain, in the morning or in the afternoon, when the sun's white light rays struck the rain drops, these serve as prisms dividing the  sun's white light of the sun into different lengths of waves, causing the different colors - the solar spectrum."

 A lot of legends surround the event. One of them says that, in the end of the rainbow, there is a pot full of gold coins. If somebody  goes as far as the end of rainbow, he will find the pot of gold and be rich.
                                                  Leastening that, everybody opens their mouths!
                            "Who would say, heim? A pot full of gold coins! . . ." everybody opens their mouths and eyes, with the air of dreamers, thinking: - "Ohh! . . how many things it's possible to do with a pot full of gold coins! . . . 
                         - "Oh, yes!," Billy He-Nanny says. "Now I remember that  one day  Tic-Tac, the rabbit, wanted go look for the pot, but he gave up because he thought that it would be very heavy. . . 
                                           But Lero Lero, the parrot, suddenly  speakes:
                                            "Currupaco! What do I want a pot of gold for? I want a pot of corn...  or sunflower seeds, that I love! Or full of fruits! Currupaco!"
                                           Suzicat continues:
                                           "According to another legend,  if somebody passes underneath the rainbow, it changes sex! Those are men become women, those are women become men!"
                                           Then everybody begins to laugh:.
                                            " Me, heim? Don't even think of it! ! "
                                           - "Well",  Lilykitten says. "Nobody here wants to pass under the rainbow, I think. . .nobody wants to change sex...  but  it's possible for one of us to go to the end of rainbow with easiness in the end, to get the pot of gold. "
                                            "Who? !" - everybody opens his eyes.
                                            "Lero Lero, the parrot!! He knows how to fly! It's easy and fast for him to go there !"
                                        But Lero-lero doesn't agree.
                                        " Me?! Not, me!! Me, heim? If there was a pot of corn or a pot of sunflower seeds,  maybe I would try. But think of that: if I went there, neglected myself and, instead of just going there to the end, suddenly, unintentionally, I  end up passing underneath of the rainbow?"
                                        "Ah, ah, ah! "- everybody falls in  general laughter!
                                        "Think everybody", Billy He-Nanny says."Going there as  a male Lero Lero and coming back as a female Lero Lero? Ah! Ah! Ah!" 
 That story will continue!! There are more pots in the end of rainbow!!

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