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  Pi-u-i's cat real story
Pi-u-i cat:  The super mother
   Pi-u-i  is a white and black cat. She is also very hairy. 
    She didn't grow a lot, she's a tiny cat. She is a little shy and only accepts  people's caress if she is on the ground; she doesn't like to be on people's laps. 
                               Her meow is special -  it seems like the whistle of a train.
                               For that reason her  name is Pi-u-i: Pi-u-i.
                               When Pi-u-i was pregnant for the first time, she had four kittens and she lived in  St. Paul city.
                                At that same time, an unfriendly female cat in Catland, called Felininha, had five kittens. Felininha was frightened with people's approach and right after she had her babies, she took one of her kittens an she just ran away, leaving the other four back. had took one of her kittens and fled, leaving the other ones four back. Then, Felininha's four kittens were "orphans ".
                                "What to do, if they needed to be fed?" was thinking Tata Isa, the cat's human mammy of Catland.
                                Tata Isa tried to give milk to them, using a syringe without a needle as a baby bottle. It worked for some time, but there were so many kittens and they needed to be feld all the time, in shortperiods of time. 
                                Then, Tata Isa had a great idea:: - "Maybe Pi-u-i would accept to adopt the four orphans...  Would she tolerate to breastfeed eight kittens?  She already had four to raise..."
                                Well, the  only way was to try...
                                The four orphan cats were taken for the city and placed together with the four Pi-u-i kittens, without her notice. The observation phase began: - Would Pi-u-i know how to count? Suddenly, of four kittens, she was having eight!  Would she accept  four more?
Then a wonderful fact happened!   
                              Pi-u-i cat accepted the orphans, and became a great defender of all of them. She moved forward and  attacked whoever  approached the eight kittens! Even Tata Isa, when was to give Pi-u-i food Pi-u-i,  had to be careful not to be scratched by her,  such was her fury when somebody approached her nest.
                               Pi-u-i, in spite of being a tiny, not a very developed cat,  was courageous:  raised the kittens with a lot of zeal, so much zeal that until today some of them, now adults, continue for close to her and even sleep near her.
                              Some of them are characters of  this site adventure: J.J. Jummy, Lilykitten, Blue Twins, He-nanny. In fact. . . Lilykitten and He-nanny are two of  those adopted kittens that Felininha left back and the Pi-u-i adopted.
                              Pi-u-i is a super mother, she is the best!
                                She's something out of this world!
 Click here  to see Pi-u-i with one of her daughters, now adult.
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